Keytar Bear is not a good person

By Freak of Wheat – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Keytar Bear, beloved busker and minor Boston celebrity, is not a good person. He has a history of harassment, as outlined in the screenshots and articles below. This page was created with much regret, as I have been a huge Keytar Bear fan since he started, but his behavior is eggregious, and Boston needs know what type of person Keytar Bear really is. Caveat Emptor.

Have you been harassed by Keytar Bear?

Send us the details, and leave your contact information if you’d like to speak about it further. You may also submit anonymously.

Keytar Bear’s Facebook Meltdown

This all began in Sept 2019 when Keytar Bear called one of my friends a “fat, uncomfortable bitch”. That thread (since deleted) has been memorialized in this article from Turtleboy Sports, along with this follow-up article.

The voice message referenced in the follow-up was one initially sent to me, and then apparently sent to Turtleboy (God I really hate them).

Three weeks after it was posted, Keytar Bear decided to start commenting on the thread again, as seen below:

Keytar Bear’s continued posting on a dead thread three weeks after the fact prompted me to post this: 

After Keytar Bear threatened to rape me in the previous thread, I screenshotted it and made a new post to call him out on it: